A bit about me

And a 'sort-of' Venn diagram

I'm a 'hands-on Digital Creative Director'. I'm as much about inspiring clients and leading creative teams as I am about getting stuck in myself - hands-on, sleeves rolled up, scribbling, writing, designing and animating to deliver knock-out work.

I’ve been doing it since 1998. Along the way I’ve worked across multiple agencies, built and led creative departments, pitched, presented to and won new clients, picked up a few awards and even run my own business.

I take enormouse pride in my work, encourage the same from my team and am happiest when I'm tickling my brain by creating, collaborating and having fun!

I am a kids and family audience specialist having worked mainly across the entertainment sector since 1998. However, I've also been able to bring my slightly childish brain to bear on briefs for FMCG, Gov, publishing and tech clients, creating campaigns and content (web, games, apps, animation, DOOH and in-venue experiences) with an emphasis on fun and engagement.

Clients I’ve worked for include Walt Disney Motion Pictures (a 20 year-long relationship), 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., Flight Club Darts, Xbox, PlayStation, Sky, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Tottenham Hotspur, Microsoft, Lego, the BBC, Hasbro, HarperCollins, Penguin, Alpha Group and many more.


Nice things people say about me. Aw shucks!

Walter Crockett
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

"Eugene is one of the first digital creatives I worked with and I’ve followed him through subsequent agencies and as he’s built his current team. He's always been able to tackle whatever I’ve thrown at him and consistently exceeds expectations. The content [he and his team] team have produced include some of the best marketing games we’ve done in terms of fun, re-playability and creative-direction.

Eugene has a great eye and an innate sense of fun... While the games have been standouts, there has been plenty of other of content – websites, UCG applications, and more... always delivered on time and on budget. I can recommend Eugene without hesitation."

Dino Burbidge

"I can honestly say Eugene is one of the most solid, inspirational and driven creatives I've had the pleasure to work with. Sure, he can't do proper wheelies on his motorbike but everything else he does he absolutely nails. His work impresses everyone around him, including me. And if you know me, you'll know that's a tough ask.

Eugene could take the most dull brief, the most bland design and turn it into something amazing. He's a real jack of all trades but thankfully, has mastered many of them. He's saved many asses, many times... including mine. If you want anyone to be watching your back, or indeed leading you forward, it's Eugene.

He's great with clients, a great teacher, obsessive about quality, a great entertainer and above all, a great friend. It's been a real pleasure working with Eugene and really hope our paths cross again."

Shann Biglione

"Eugene was one of the very first creative directors I've worked with and while I always looked up to him then, it's always hard when you start to know what a gold standard is. In the last 10 years I've worked across many companies and countries, and I can tell you I've realized since how lucky I was to have worked with him.

He's got an impeccable eye for detail, fizzes with ideas, and has a real swiss army knife, hands on approach to projects that can make all the difference. Eugene gets it, and he gets it done. I wouldn't miss a chance to work with him on a project!"



Since 2013 I’ve run my own pocket-sized crack team of industry experts



In 2013 I decided to bite the bullet, leave a full-time role and set up my own agency with a colleague. I wanted the freedom to persue the type of projects we love working on and pretty soon we grew a roster of clients that included Disney, Flight Club Darts, HarperCollins, The Premier League, Hasbro and more!

We're a small agency with a flexible team, but it's afforded me a great work-life balance, added several strings to my professional bow and enabled me to straddle the line between hands-on creative and business-leading Creative Director.


Remo Creative Showreel


Flight Club

A whole new in-venue digital experience for the award-winning home of ‘social darts’.



For the uninitiated, Flight Club is the new home of ‘Social Darts’, now open across multiple London, UK and international sites. A evolution of traditional darts with a range of digital game-play options, it’s a never-before-seen social gaming experience that’s taking London (and the world!) by storm.

I was lucky enough to be involved in the project from the very early days, consulting on and developing the entire digital experience, including customer on-boarding, game set-up, the games themselves, connected leaderboards, social feeds and admin controls.

Flight Club promo reel


100+ film campaigns

Digital marketing campaigns and creative for over 100 films.


100+ Films

I’ve been lucky enough to count Disney as a client for the whole of my career and have added Paramount, Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox along the way.

Since designing the Mulan website back in 1998, I’ve gone on to design and subsequently lead my teams in producing digital creative across dozens of international, European and UK campaigns - in fact I’ve created content for over 100 films across the major film studios.

While the requirements for each film campaign varies, I’ve been responsible for dozens of campaign websites, literally hundreds of games, display advertising, interactive applications, print collateral and even internal studio presentations, most requiring localisation across more than a dozen territories.

Disney Showreel



Dozens of print, social and DOOH campaigns



Since starting a relationship 6 years ago, my agency Remo Creative has become the ‘preferred creative agency’ for HarperCollins Children’s Books.

Working across digital, print and POS, I lead the team in producing campaign collateral most notably for David Walliams titles (including for his last his last 7 books).

As word has spread through HarperCollins HQ of our capabilities, we now work across a range of titles from Childrens Books to Young Adult and Adult Fiction too.

HarperCollins Showreel

A brief snapshot of some of the work I’ve led for HarperCollins.



A creative leader AND sleeve-roller-upper!



While my business card says ‘Digital Creative Director’, I’m a firm believer in leading by example and have remained a hands-on creative throughout my career working across entertainment, FMCG, technology, lifestyle and retail brands.

I design, animate and scribble every day and have extensive senior-level experience of:

- Web/Mobile design
- Animation/Video
- Games and interaction design
- Branding
- Illustration
- Print/POS

All design and animation showcased on this site is my own handiwork.


A small selection of past campaigns


I've been known to freelance on occasion...

WEB Interactive design, UX/UI across multiple screens.
WEB 2 Testing
GAMES HTML online games for desktop, tablet and mobile.
GAMES HTML online games for desktop, tablet and mobile.
ANIMATION Animation, video and motion graphics.
BRANDING Branding and logo design for products and companies.
ILLUSTRATION Illustration for animation, storyboarding and design.
PRINT / POS Design for print, POS and merchandise.
Disney A career's worth of digital campaings and content.
The Royal Air Force My games contributed to the RAF's most successful online recruitment campaign... ever!
Flight Club Darts My team and I created the digital experience that makes Flight Club the new home of social darts
Remo Creative A showreel of work created by my team and I at Remo Creative.
HarperCollins Digital and print/POS content for multiple campaigns for HarperCollins Cildrens books.
Dove An entire digital campaign for Dove's (then) new Self Esteem Project.
Xbox Numerous digital campaigns and content for Xbox Live, inlcuding an international Microsft award-winner.
Tottenham Hotspur FC A ground-breaking digital campaign for kids including characters, branding, site, games, advertising and DOOH.
Procter & Gamble Numerous digital campaigns across various P&G brands.
Creative Juices Brewing Company Branding, animation, idents, labels and even original artwork!
Coolabi Various digital campaigns and content across Coolabi brands Clangers, Purple Ronnie, Beast Quest, Scream Street, Poppy Cat and more.
Captive Media Games, quizes and polls for Captive Media's unique in-bathroom advertising platform.
Lego Games, digital advertising and interactive design for various Lego brands.
INTEL An interactive training game for an Intel installation.
The Department for Transport Website, games and digital advertising for 'Hedgehogs' and 'Tales of the Road' campaign.